DesiQuest (/ˈdāsē kwest/) noun: an epic, culturally authentic TTRPG actual-play show with an all Desi cast, game mastered by Jasmine Bhullar, that’ll Fire Bolt your brain and Thunderclap your heart.

Welcome to Vehaar, a one-of-a-kind homebrewed world with Desi culture infused in its DNA with influences drawn from the subcontinent’s rich and storied history. Everything from the Bronze Age Indus Valley civilization to the ancient epics of the Mahabharata will inspire the distinct mythos of this universe, created from scratch by Jasmine, that our 5 player characters will adventure in. While formulating the campaign, Jasmine has been creating a precise cocktail of roleplay, problem solving, mythology exploration, and combat. The idea here is to expose you to an Eastern medieval history.

But the larger mission is to see more brown faces, working TOGETHER on screen. Great stories from underrepresented voices is not just a hot trend that “moves the needle” for reach and profit. Most importantly it fosters community, and accessibility to ancient culture for those in the diaspora. And, for the non-Desi folks out there it grants the power of “exposure”, which can change hearts, melt fear, and increase empathy for the “other.” If you align with this, then we need your help!