Interactive Pioneers

Solving Comedy For New Platforms & Emerging Media

We embrace the challenge of adapting content & storytelling to new platforms and emerging media. (And we happen to be really good at it.) Legend of Neil was a massively successful web series for Comedy Central before web series was really a thing (10M+ views). Our standup shows and comedy clips on EffinFunny Youtube channel helped make a name for some of today’s biggest comedians. And most recently That Moment When won multiple awards for best comedy in the emerging interactive format.


2006 – EF Launches Standup Comedy portal with over 80 comedians including names like Hasan Minhaj, Daniel Tosh, Maria Bamford, Wyatt Cenac, Tig Notaro, collecting over 20 million views.


EF creates THE LEGEND OF NEIL as Comedy Central’s first multi-season digital series featuring Felicia Day, The Sklar Brothers, Kyle Kinane, collecting 10 million views and cultivating a nerd centric cult following. Watch the full series

2016 - Present

EF creates the first two fully interactive sitcoms in existence in the award-winning THAT MOMENT WHEN & our latest release WIZARD SCHOOL DROPOUT


The Future – Whatever media this pic represents, we’ll find a way to tell funny stories with it.